December 31, 2009

"Give Peace a Chance"
5"x 5"
Security Envelope Quilt Block
I used three different envelopes for this quilt block pattern. It was made of green triangle security envelopes from my bank for the border, blue hatch marks security envelopes for the background, and a gray/white hatch mark security envelope for the dove. This type of quilt block is typically considered an applique quilt block in the fabric quilting arts. I thought it was an appropriate New Year's Eve art project.
Earlier in the evening we went to downtown Pensacola for some of the New Year's Block Party festivities. The old man, the CoCo puff and I roamed the downtown streets. We went to the Dog House Deli for a great hot dog dinner and then dessert of funnel cake and pink cotton candy from the street food vendors. We were there at 8:00 when they lit up the Pelican, which is Pensacola's "Time's Square Ball Drop". We were home before 9:00 and everyone went to bed except me. I stayed up to do the quilt block.
They say what you are doing at midnight on New Year's Eve is what you will be doing all year long. Doing crafts in 2010 would make me very happy.
This week was very stressful at work. But I did have one interesting telephone interview. We will call him Preston. Preston was applying for disability and alleged having congestive heart failure. He was very personable and flirted throughout the interview. He played harmonica in a blues band. I was able to get all the information I needed for his application during the hour and half interview while he told me about his band, his children and grandchildren.
It was such a relief, from the constant despair and hopeless baggage that my clients typically dump on me. Preston may be just as hopeless and in need of financial assistance, but he at least took the time to be nice and make light of his situation.
Sometimes you have just have to laugh or otherwise you just end up crying all of the time. Preston taught me this very valuable life lesson this week. Just another week from the edge of security.

December 24, 2009

Christmas Came Early and Ideas for the New Year

"Star Pattern"
Size: 5"x5"
Red Salvation Army Security Envelope mounted on a green security envelope

A couple of days ago, someone, perhaps Santa, left a gallon size ziplock bag on my front porch filled with security envelopes. Good Old St. Nick was a tad early, but I'm really glad because I was having a miserable day and cutting up the envelopes cheered me up.

I came across a couple of real beauties in the security envelope world. Another red one!!!
I did a big dancey dance and my little heart skipped a beat or two or three. This particular red one was from the Salvation Army. So as you see above, I immediately paired it with a green security envelope to create a star quilt block for a Christmas theme.
I've been thinking more about my art and why I really have taken on this project and where I am going with it. More or less it is for relaxation. My 9 to 5 work is very stressful and I need a diversion at night to clear my mind. For whatever reason, cutting up the envelopes and categorizing them and organizing them relaxes me. Some people may have a glass of wine, others may go for a run, but for me scissors, paper and a glue stick provide me peace. My current insurance has decided I can only see my psychologist for 8 visits in the next year, so I'm going to have to come up with my own way of dealing with life.
In the new year I would like more people to see my work through my blog and perhaps in a gallery night show in downtown Pensacola. I would also like to kick it up a notch and get a full size security envelope quilt made as well as some other pieces I have been sketching in my journal.
Tomorrow I will be getting my own studio/art space. My husband is giving up his office space in our house so I can move everything from the dining room table into my own room/art studio. I am really excited and hope to be more productive in my artistic endeavors or at the very least rid myself of some of my daily stress.
Thanks again to my secret Santa and if one is reading this blog and you have any junk mail security envelopes send them my way.
And here is hoping that the new year brings my life filled with lots of love, good health and day by day a little more security.

December 18, 2009

Like sets of waves so is life....

"Waves" Quilt Block
Size: 9"x9"
Constructed of Blue Hatch Style Security Envelopes and mounted on White Card stock

It's been almost a month since I posted another quilt block made of security envelopes in my Security Envelope Quilt Project. Like this example of the quilt block "Waves", my life has been rolling up and down.
Some days the swells are few and far between and other times the constant chop has me splashing around with a drowning feeling.

The blue color of the security represents not only water but the blues I have been feeling.

Tonight as I worked on my project, I had the 80's channel of Music Choice playing on the TV for distraction, inspiration, and background noise.
"I feel like I need to get away, runaway... take my tears and that is not livin'... Now I'm going to pack my things and go". Tainted Love by Soft Cell was playing on the 8O's channel just now and followed now by Manic Monday by The Bangles.... how ironic. But maybe they are the songs I need to hear to reflect, relax and feel secure.