February 27, 2014

Daughter Wants A Blog?

So I don't blog often, that is evident. But after working eight or more hours in the Social Security office, I am a drained and a big hot mess by the end of the day. So what has me up and awake at this wee hour of the morning. I can't sleep because my 6 year old (turns 7 next month) for the last 2 days has come to me wanting her own "website". She says she wants to call it Cute Little Doll. She says she can take pictures with the camera and put them on there. She can sell some of her toys on there. She can make bracelets with the Rainbow Loom and sale those. She can have her friends on website and interview them with the video camera. But most of all she can write stories and draw pictures to put on her website. So I am thinking if the Dog With a Blog tv show can do it, so can my daughter with a little help from her mom. I feel so very old. I don't know why. But when you have children and they begin asking or talking about certain things it snaps you into a reality that time has once again passed. We can not go back, only forward.