January 3, 2010

Powerful and Delectable Mountains

"Delectable Mountains Quilt Block"
10" x 10"
Four 5" blocks abutted together.
Constructed of security envelope paper and black card stock mounted on white card stock

"Delectable Mountains Block"

So the other night my darling child could not sleep and when she finally went back to sleep, then I could not get back to sleep, so I got out the security envelopes, scissors and glue and tore it up as the kids say.

The first photo with the brown in it, is the quilt pattern that I used. The photo is a completed quilt from my new 2010 calendar. It is one of those style of calendars that each day either features a new quilt pattern or a new quilt block. This particular quilt has gone by two different names: "Woven Stars" or "Delectable Mountains". I tend to like the name "Delectable Mountains" because it just rolls off the tongue better.

The second and third scanned pics are the security envelope quilt blocks that I actually constructed from my security envelopes. I first constructed four of the 5" blocks and then put them together to make the larger block. The larger block is again not scanned all of the way due to the constraints of my scanner.
One of the harder parts of using security envelopes in making these quilt blocks is that sometimes you need larger sheets of paper, but have to work within the constraints of the envelope size and sometimes even an envelope window. In this particular project I cut the pattern size in half. I also used an envelope that did not contain a window as it has more paper to work with.

I really like the way this one turned out and it took just under 3 hours to cut and glue all of the triangles and squares. Here is a photo of the action as I worked laying out each piece before gluing it all down.

I first used a 1" square paper punch and punched out a bunch of squares out of the black paper and the envelopes, then I cut the squares in half to make all of the triangles.

For me there is something very calming in cutting a square into a triangle over and over. It's a 3 sided thing and when I think about it ... it goes back to my original blogs about "The Curse of the 3s".

Maybe I should consider "The POWER of the 3's" . For whatever power it gives, first the security envelopes, second the triangles and third making art. I keep thinking I need to break a curse. But maybe this whole artsy craft project I'm blogging is really just about me finding my own power.

Power in little things, power in big things, not curses, just power. Maybe this Power of 3's will break me out of misery, sadness and my insecurities.